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Weekdays: $8.00/hour
Weekends: $10.00/hour

Our Blasters


The Firestrike

FREE (6+)

A blaster to be reckoned with. Although it only has a single shot barrel and a three dart carry capacity, this little blaster has great range and mobility for its size.


The Triad

$3 (6+)

The firestrike not enough for you? Try out this blaster with a 3 dart capacity plus a quick reload mechanism. Allowing you to quickly fire 3 shots one after another.


The Strongarm

$5 (6+)

The word "strong" is in the name of this blaster for a reason. Dominate any battle with this 6 shooter. Play it slow and conserve your ammo, or go all out with this blaster's slamfire function.


The Roughcut

$8 (8+)

For those who don't like aiming, this shotgun-esque blaster packs a powerful punch. Fully loaded it can hold up to 8 darts, and fires two darts at a time. You'll never want to put this blaster down.


The Retaliator

$10 (10+)

This blaster boasts a 12 dart magazine and an easy reload mechanism. It's extended clip and long range makes this blaster perfect for those who want to stay on the back-lines.


The Stryfe

$10 (10+)

The Stryfe is a force to be reckoned with. Although it only takes 6 darts at once, it makes up for it with a motorized firing mechanism. It completely removes the need to reload manually, and can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.